Don’t Rush the Process

I talk to a lot of people who are focused on their next steps, leveling up, and being consistently successful, but please don’t rush the process. 

There are people that I have silently poured into because I had the capacity and discerned it would be helpful to them personally and or professionally. You could be in a season where you can benefit from someone pouring into you in different areas of your life. 

Some counselors have counselors, and some teachers are students.

When I allow myself to be honest about the areas that I struggle and strive in, I open myself up to how I can give and how I can better receive. 

We go through seasons in our personal and professional lives, and your success and peace can benefit from acknowledging where you are in your process.

If you are taking a professional step in a new direction and are honestly at a level B, it is ok to accept the level B rate. You can work on yourself with available resources, learn from mentors and gain the experience you need to level up to A in the near future. 

Stay encouraged as you pursue your honest and unique journey. There is something to be said for taking your time and seeing what can be learned, gleaned, and received along the way. Even if you are not where you want to be, if you speak to where you are going, follow it up with action and give yourself the grace to get there; trust and believe that you are well on your way.

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