Unclench Your Jaw

This blog post was originally posted on May 31, 2020

Unclench your jaw.

That’s what I told myself all last week.

Unclench your jaw.

This was one of the first physical indicators that the injustice of the world was getting to me personally. I knew mentally and emotionally there was a lot stirring, but nothing had physically manifested until I found myself talking to myself.

Feel free to take time to process before you post. Awareness, allyship, and action occur off social media, too.

-Vannesia Darby

Relax your brow.

As a Black, female entrepreneur and former leader / current member of several historically Black organizations, I make the conscious effort not to ignore what’s going on. I believe wholeheartedly that BLACK LIVES MATTER.

As a Believer, I see countless examples in Scripture where Jesus radically pursued justice, eradicated sin, and taught neighborly love.

Rotate your wrists.

I had constant thoughts going through my brain, so I got to writing. Albeit scattered, I let my Twitter fingers do the talking sometimes. I prayed, I journaled, I stretched, I took a drive…I did whatever I needed to do to get myself through three days of physical decompression.

Breathe deeply.

I always wanted my weekly messages to encourage you to dominate your work week while simultaneously making you crack a smile or two.

I’m not naive to the realities of this world nor am I here to tell you how to feel. You don’t need to prove your loyalty or allyship to me. We all have our own processes to work through.

My only suggestion is that you check your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental state before you engulf yourself in this work.

This isn’t new, but the images are very raw, and the emotions are supremely real. Guard your heart and your eyes as you scroll. Be safe as you march. Be sensitive to those who have to fake like “it’s all good” tomorrow at work.

I tweeted this out earlier this week, and I hope it helps you:

MURDER IS TRAUMATIC. Feel free to take time to process before you post. You’re not obligated to spill your raw emotions on social media and defend yourself in the comments. Awareness, allyship, and action occur off social media, too.

Stay safe.

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