What does support look like?

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By now, you may have your crew and your circle, but how do you show up for them? And how do you want your friends to show up for you?

As you ask yourself these questions, bear in mind that there are some people we naturally connect with in multiple ways. Some people just feel great to be around, some people push us to succeed, and some just let us be ugly on FaceTime while we watch TV and stuff our faces with Oreos.

It’s a blessing to have safe spaces to be yourself and to provide that safe space for others. Just remember that everyone doesn’t have the same level of responsibility. Be mindful of that as you’re doing life with others and allowing others to speak into your life.

Here’s what this looks like in real time:

I have a good friend I met in college who just finished up their PhD. When I was about to start my PhD program, I was extremely nervous (I talked about that here). Partly from excitement and anticipation of the unknown, but nervous nonetheless. I was texting them and they asked me if I was ready. In my head, I thought…ABSOLUTELY NOT! Haha!

I knew I could be honest in my reply because (1) I trusted them to provide a safe space and (2) I knew they had the experience to empathize and understand without judgment. They immediately replied with the reassurance I needed:

We can’t make it through this life alone. Friendships are essential and the best ones incorporate a level of self awareness from each person. Do the inner work so you will be able to discern who your true friends are and how you can support each other.

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