Hey! I’m Vannesia (pronounced like “Vanessa”, but with an extra kick!). I’m an entertainment marketer by day and a PhD student by night.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to launch campaigns for Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, the YMCA and more. I’ve spoken on stages and have had both my editorial and academic writing featured in publications such as Teen Vogue and The Drake Management Review. I started my own creative agency, produced a podcastand even went back into corporate life in 2022. 

But, that’s not the purpose of this space. You see, developing brands is my job. But, developing people is my passion

By faith, I believe that God has empowered us all to not only thrive in business, but flourish in life. It’s up to us to activate both faith and works in order to make it happen. When it’s all said and done, I hope that my life is a testament of what He can do through anyone once we commit to SPEAKING LIFE to our circumstances. 

You’re more than capable of living your dreams – and if my little blog can help with that, then it’s served its purpose. I look forward to seeing all that you become.

Always speak life,