Consistency is Key

We just talked about it not taking as long as you think, and today, I want to explore consistency. What does consistency mean to you?

For me, consistency is not about perfection. 

The glue to my consistency involves being patient with myself. As we pursue the thing, the goal, the opportunity, the health, or the peace of mind, we continue to chip away at revealing and creating what we’ve been diligently seeking and working towards all along.

For me, consistency is not about perfection. 

As I labor consistently, I am slowly changing and patiently awaiting the fruit of my labor.

Remember, it is not easy to make these changes, commit to new habits, and adopt a new routine. 

Have patience as you are changing.

Have patience as you are undoing.

Have patience as you are unlearning.

Have patience as you are rebuilding.

It’s okay if you regress; that’s normal. It’s okay if you feel like you are not progressing as much; that’s normal. 

Consistency doesn’t mean that you have the same amount of progress every single day or week. Consistency means that you give the same amount of effort and keep going. 

Read that again. 

Make sure you keep it slow and steady as you make meaningful and long-lasting progress and change. Your small steps will add up to big moves.

What do you think?

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