This Self-talk Changed My Life

Listen, my life has NOT been an overnight success. 

People really think I just popped out with faith — nah! It’s been a whole journey, and I really have been stripped SO many times. Thankfully God has never ceased to redirect me to what’s really important. 

He’s never ceased to provide. He’s never ceased to heal my heart from disappointments and hurts. My faith was birthed through experiences.

Just last year, I had a health scare, and it finally clicked that *I* have to be an active participant in my life. 

Faith and works became real. So, I set out to work again — but on myself.

It took what I was already doing to another level but it didn’t feel like a burden. It felt like purpose.

If you’re in a tough season, you may be the person or opportunity you’re praying for. Grow through it, knowing that God has your back. Start by taking the first step:

If you need money, start a budget.

If you need a new job, start updating your resume.

If you need to move, start getting boxes.

If you need mental support, start seeing a therapist (and switch if they don’t gel with you!)

If you need to learn a new skill, sign up for Udemy or go to the library.

If you need community, join a church or a gym.

📣 Say these out loud:

– I can change whenever I want to.

– I’m more resilient than I think.

– Everything I need, I already have.

– I don’t need anyone’s approval.

– I will love myself and be gentle with myself.

– My village is strong and supports me.

– I will enjoy my life.

You may never have everything you think you need — I never do! But, take the first step in faith and let Him fill in the rest.

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