You’re Never Stuck

Do you believe you can change your life at any moment? I’m so grateful I have come to this realization because now pivoting has become one of my greatest skills. 

It’s so freeing to realize you are not stuck

A decade ago, I started a new job at a label that I thought I would retire from. But only three days in, I realized it was not a long-term place for me….YIKES!

I would feverishly hunt for jobs in meetings, on break, and late at night before crawling into bed. One night I emailed myself a job link, and the subject line read, “Because You’re Never Stuck.” 

I wouldn’t leave until over a year and a half later, but I remember that feeling like it was yesterday; the dread of not knowing “what’s next” and the underbelly of fear that subtly guided my decisions. When I sent that email to myself and started my business a couple of years later, it was the start of giving myself grace…the grace to pivot.

Feel me when you read this; it takes work to become the person you desire to be. You know, that disciplined, happy person you see in your head. But you’re worth the work. Evolving is not easy, but it is totally worth it.

If you are dissatisfied with an area of your life, that can be a clue. Don’t drown out that feeling or brush it off. Give that area attention and be ready to listen, learn, and be led to do the work.

For me taking these 3 steps helped:

1) Seek the Lord for guidance

2) Look at what you were interested in when you were younger

3) Develop a new mindset

For more on those 3 steps, please check out the resources below. And if you have some resources that were helpful for you, send them my way. It is so important to have fuel to feed your positive mindset. Stay encouraged and trust that you are capable of living your dreams.

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