Wow, It’s Really Been 7 Years!

Do you know what Thursday is… it’s MOXIE’s birthday!

Seven years….



Throughout the years, I can definitely say that God has provided both grace and grit to get me through. We started with putting some muscle behind our hustle and now look at us! Check out this photo from when I first launched my Facebook page: 

Original Moxie Banner

It wasn’t always easy – most of the time it was hard! But, MOXIE built something in me. It was and is a training ground just as much as it was a business. I’m grateful for the tools I use that help me streamline my business, my supportive team, and my village that I can both pour into and lean on. My hope for you is that you have the tools you need professionally, a supportive team, and good people to do life with, too.

To celebrate MOXIE’s birthday I’m giving you first access to our new merch we’re launching next week!

Moxie Merchandise

Use code: SPEAK LIFE for 10% off!

Seven years ago, I was in grad school with a roommate who didn’t bat an eye when I told her I was quitting my job. And now we’re here. I’m not saying that molding your life and walking in purpose is easy – but please know that you’re built for this.

Thanks for being here on this journey with me.

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