Guard Your Heart

Are you getting better at taking moments for yourself? Hopefully, you’ve had a successful Take 30 Challenge. If you didn’t join last week, I invite you to join today. 

Here’s how it works: Take 30 Challenge

Taking time for myself is not just something to read and write about this Mental Health Awareness Month, but it is how I consistently protect my mental health while working. 

I know some struggle with protecting mental health while working, and whether you are working on a social media team or not, when you hear of tragedies and developing stories, know that it is ok to take a break before you begin scrolling on your feeds.

Instead of rushing to respond, take a moment to actually stop and even pray if you feel moved. You deserve to have your authentic moment. Quiet yourself and offer a safe space for your self-reflection.

I created a resource speaking to Black Social Media Managers, but it can be a reminder for all of us to guard our hearts, be aware of others and take better care of ourselves personally and professionally.

Just because we can go go go, doesn’t mean we don’t feel the effects. See the resources below and put your own mask on first.

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