It’s almost My Birthday!

Tuesday, August 8th, I will be celebrating my Birthday! Each year I realize more and more that God can use me at any time, anywhere, and any age…whether I want to be used or not!

Don’t let this fast-paced world fool you into thinking you need more STUFF to define you. In the past few years, I’ve made many changes personally and professionally, and it wasn’t about acquiring more. It was about becoming more…more of the person that I was always predestined to be.

I figured out what healthy habits will keep me feeling better or get me back together if I decide to stray because, at times, that happens too. I’ve also prioritized my self-care and been enjoying going after what I really want. I’ve been consistent with moving my body, which has resulted in me having more energy and peace. And I worked with medical professionals to run my labs, get to the root of my health challenges, and then made the changes for the healing and restoration I so desperately needed.

Professionally, I’ve been able to delegate and get in a flow with my team to give myself time back to reset and recharge. And let’s not forget about the whole job thing. And now, I’m getting ready to go back to school in less than two weeks, and all these changes I’ve been making will help me support my next chapter as a student.

So many of my changes have been speaking life to the desires of my heart and trusting God’s timing, plan, and alignment for my life. Let me reiterate; it’s not easy! But, I share this to encourage you to embrace your unique journey and keep trusting His plans for your life.

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