Unsolicited Marketing Advice

Here’s my unsolicited marketing advice: only start what you can sustain.

I get questions all the time about what people should START doing.
– “Should I start a TikTok?”
– “Should I start a blog?”
– “Should I start a newsletter on LinkedIn?”

You can start whatever you want! That’s the beauty of social media. And, hold on to your seats; you don’t have to monetize every piece of content.

One person may make millions of dollars blogging, vlogging, and everything else. Another person may not make a dime, but they have found people who like the same things they are interested in. Both people are successful.

The one thing that doesn’t change in each scenario is the consistency of execution. Both have to show up.

Consistency may look like releasing content 52 weeks per year, streaming on Twitch for 30 days, or sharing an 8-episode podcast as a limited series. The choice is yours.

Monetization, advertising, marketing, and media buying are not the same as content creation. Those are different approaches to the game. You don’t have to know all the details, but don’t feel like a failure because you use social media to keep up with your friends or to share your gift. Only using social media for social connections seems far-fetched nowadays, but it’s still very much allowed. I checked The Official Social Media Handbook.

Whether you open a multi-media content cranking empire or upload your 2-minute audio note to Soundcloud every week, DO IT. Learn along the way. Express yourself. Communicate your ideas. Be consistent, and please, PLEASE have some fun.

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