All It Took Was a Snowpocalypse in Nashville

To say this has been a “get back on track” season for me would be an understatement. But, day by day, I’m getting there! In order for our dreams to make their way out of our Notes apps, we can’t go at it haphazardly. I believe in writing down goals and small, actionable steps immediately afterward. 

This helps me be accountable for what I said I would do and have a reference point when I get off track. Recently, I felt myself procrastinating with schoolwork and exercise – two things I know have a positive, compound effect if I stay caught up on them. I finally had my Kobe Bryant Pep Talk and took to my circle of friends on threads to share how I was going to change: 

And you know what? I 👏🏾got👏🏾 to👏🏾 it! During the snowpocalypse in Nashville last week, I was prepared with this list, unphased by what was happening outside. My sister and I even took to our walking treads instead of going to walk the track because we agreed to a walking schedule at the top of the year. I jokingly said, “All it took was a snowstorm to get me back on track!”

Look, we’re going to fall off. We’re going to have setbacks. We’re going to __________ (insert whatever action is preventing you from accomplishing your goals). But we can always get back on track. 

Sometimes, external factors may prevent you from achieving your goal. While it’s not your fault, you must advocate for yourself, speak up, and request support. Owning that responsibility will help you become the best version of yourself that you can be.

We’ve got another chance to do this thing called life – let’s get to it. 

P.S. Here’s a Cheat Sheet of The Four Hour Work Week that reminded me to keep things simple. I know The Four Hour Work Week is a popular book in the personal growth world, but remember it was written in 2007 and revised in 2011. I work way more than four hours per week, but the concepts of business minimalism, simplicity, and actional steps the book presents are great! Like any resource, chew the meat and spit the bones on what you need!

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