Overwhelmed? Read this now.

Wouldn’t it be nice to operate in a space that is always calm and collected? Like somehow you’re delegating effectively, seamlessly handling all life throws your way, and going to bed trusting that if God graces you with another day you are ready to not just survive, but thrive? Some days it’s a yes, but for high-performing people like us with high-paced environments and curve balls, thriving is not always a given.

One thing I’ve learned throughout the years is to quickly nip overwhelm in the bud. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen often, but when things are revving up if you already have a plan, trust you will be more prepared for what events and feelings may arise. Do you need to update your plan? Here’s mine.

Sometimes, preparing for travel can be overwhelming, so I coach myself through it. Say I have to pack and clean my house at the same time. I will say, “ok, Vannesia, we’re going to clean now. It’s time to clean the counter. Ok, now it’s time to load the dishwasher.” And so on.

Talking myself through it helps me when I have a lot of tasks to do.

This next one is random, but sometimes I just lay on the floor. Something about laying on the floor grounds me so I can think about what needs to be done.

I share these not because they will work for you but take a moment now before you may need it to think about what can work for you.

Create a written list or one on your phone of things that keep you grounded. Then, when you are overwhelmed, you can revisit that list and see the steps you need to take to accomplish the task at hand.

Attempting to or taking on all the tasks at once will likely be too much to handle. So take the pressure off yourself and prepare for that time by making a list now. Then, when you are in need, follow the steps that will get you where you desire to be while being gentle with yourself and your process.

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