Rest is no longer optional

Remember when #TeamNoSleep was trending? That trend is not completely gone, but most people got to a place where they could understand that #TeamNoSleep was not wisdom. We need sleep!

There is this idea that “we” can be separated from our bodies. For example, I like eating this way, but my stomach doesn’t. Or I can stay up all night, but then the next day I will have to pay for it. And I understand there are some stages of life where sleep is compromised for good reasons, but those seasons are not forever.

A lot of us get to a point when we get humbled either voluntarily or involuntarily. Then, we realize that if the goal is longevity, we have to build a lifestyle that recognizes and supports the goal.

One of my bosses and mentors used to remind me, “Life is a marathon and not a sprint.”

So when you apply that to learning a language, working in marketing, pursuing a music career, or anything else, you understand that your long-term goal of doing those things well means consistently showing up and applying yourself. You’ve gotta take time for rest and restoration. It is not an overnight process. Practice taking your time and giving yourself grace. Resting will help you to apply yourself even better.

This life is a marathon, so we need to train for the opportunities we pursue and build in proper rest and recovery. You don’t need to get things done so fast that you don’t allow time for rest because that is where a lot of growth occurs, and creativity happens. I’m in this for the long haul, and I function better now that I have voluntarily and, at times, involuntarily arrived at the gift of rest.

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