Feeling Overlooked?

I found out some good news last week (more on that later) and was reminded how God allows blessings to come back around.

You see, I used to think I was getting overlooked.

Not in a “Woe is me” sort of way. More like a “Dang, I’m working really hard and still not getting the opportunities that I think I deserve.”

Have you ever been there? When you feel like you’re trying and just want a little acknowledgment? Not so your ego can be boosted, but just an indicator that you’re on the right track and a reminder that you have people clapping for you in your corner.

The voice is subtle, almost pitiful.

It’s not a huge deal (but it kind of is).

I’ve been there and there are three tactics that helped me to overcome it:

  1. I started to pursue opportunities instead of waiting for someone to acknowledge me.
  2. I made my goals clear to others who could help me.
  3. I released control, believing that God allows opportunities to come and go – and if they come back again, they come back better. I call those “boomerang blessings“.

The desires to be better aren’t wrong, they just have to be prioritized properly. As great as the news was, it’s even sweeter to know The Source of the blessing.

He doesn’t forget.

He knows our hearts.

Dark times don’t last forever.

He sees us.

Stay encouraged and know that you’re seen, heard, and valued over here. We ain’t leaving no one behind.

What do you think?

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