Friendship Breakups Can Suck

Last week in our Friendship Series, I reminded you of one of my Mama’s lessons: Everybody ain’t your friend. Let’s pick it up from there when that realization hits and is followed up with action.

Now, the friends you do choose to do life with will require your time, effort, vulnerability, and care. It is understandable that any relationship will not be consistently 50/50. We want grace to be given to us, so it will also be required from us. In the midst of grace, there’s also truth – and you have to be honest with yourself when things get rocky (or even if they start off rocky)

Bowing out looks different for everyone. It could require a conversation, or it could require no words and is just understood. That is up to you and the other person.

When the relationship transitions, it doesn’t necessarily mean you failed. As the old saying goes, “Some people come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime.” You are in your own process, and certain people are meant to walk with you for a season and a season only.

Taking a moment of self-reflection may reveal some lessons about our friendship breakups. They can also provide insight into our own choices. Sometimes, we take people on as friends when they could have just stayed a work homie or associate. Everyone does not need or deserve the same level of access to you and you don’t have to be all in the mix with everyone.

When you take the time to learn and listen to yourself, you can better understand how to establish more mutually beneficial relationships and purposefully pour into each other. When the time is right to part ways, you’ll be able to cherish the good times and be able to be open to the possibilities.

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