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As we celebrate Women’s History Month, I am continuing to bring more incredible women to the blog. Last week, you heard from my sister, Dr. Darby, and today, we have my friend, MeShae’ Prophet!

MeShae’ Prophet is a youth advocate, writer, digital marketer, and a tried and true Georgia peach! She has shared some of her impactful and relatable words with us today. I know you will find value in this blog reminding us to “Stay In Your Lane”. 

Stay in Your Lane by MeShae’ Prophet

*Adapted from a 2018 blog post originally published on Grown Folks Business

Los Angeles is known for many things. For starters, it’s home to some of the world’s biggest stars and most popular events. The city also has some of the country’s best beaches. And if you haven’t heard – it never rains. Well, rarely. It rarely rains. That’s evident in the way Angelenos drive when the roads are wet. LA is infamous for its traffic. The kind of traffic that puts Atlanta’s little “rush hour” congestion to shame. The kind of traffic that makes you question whether going to work is really worth it.

Over the years, I’ve acquired quite a few driving peeves, but other folks failing to maintain their lane is at the top of my list. Few things annoy me more than other cars drifting into my lane as I cruise down Marine Avenue in my coupe blasting my early morning gospel.

This one’s for you, Miss. I’m running late so let me apply this blush and mascara. It’s also for you, Mr. I’m so sleepy I can’t keep my eyes open.

When you veer into someone else’s lane unannounced, you not only put them in danger but also yourself. Imagine how many accidents could be avoided if people maintained their lane. Now imagine, if you will, that the lane represents purpose. Imagine that your lane is yours only and that if you stay within it, you’ll arrive at your life’s assignment mostly unscathed. It’s a bit of a stretch but stay with me.

This might seem cliche, but I believe that we were all created for a special purpose. To do incredibly impactful things. To change a life or two. Not necessarily for fame or notoriety, but for the good of our communities, our world, and ourselves. What happens to our impact when we ditch our purpose in pursuit of someone else’s? What happens when we decide to swerve into another lane? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we stay comfortable or that we shouldn’t test the limits.

I’m just saying that nurturing our own gifts is more fruitful than attempting to replicate the gifts of others.

MeShae’ Prophet

There was a time when I eyed other people’s assignments because I thought they were better. I thought “if only I could _______ like so-and-so, I’d be good.” You see I had to learn how to stay in my lane. And as usual, God got me all the way together. 

For a moment in time, I allowed what looked like a greater purpose over there to distract me from focusing on the assignment over here. Before you venture down that same road, let me let you in on something. You don’t need anyone else’s calling to be successful. You won’t be successful in pursuing a purpose that wasn’t assigned to you in the first place. 

Imagine being divinely created by the same Entity that formed the Sun, the stars, and the moon and STILL being pressed about someone else’s purpose. It’s an unfulfilling existence and quite frankly, a waste of time and talent. Why chase something that isn’t yours? Ride in your lane. Own the road. 

In a world that wants us to abandon who we are and what we are created to be, it’s important to stay true to the still small voice that keeps us in our lane. Someone somewhere is depending on you to fulfill your purpose – even if that purpose is simply being you.

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