Finding Peace Beyond the Hustle ft. Tanisha Mickel

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As a culture that has boss-babed itself into a soft-girl era, today’s message is all about finding peace beyond the hustle. These jobs and priorities can really get a lot of our attention, and this is a reminder to focus on ourselves, our minds, and our wellness. 

I’m excited to welcome one of my friends, a wellness buff, a fellow music lover, and a creative strategist and consultant, Tanisha Mickel. Her message really resonates with me and so many. I hope you enjoy it!

Finding Peace Beyond the Hustle by Tanisha Mickel

Growing up with parents who struggled with mental illness, I learned early on the importance of prioritizing my own mental health. In my early twenties, when I began experiencing anxiety symptoms, I thought simply identifying them was sufficient. TL;DR, it wasn’t. Many never even think about how your mental health can manifest physically. Around the same time, I also noticed minor health issues, which I now recognize as the onset of PCOS. Initially, I managed these issues with dietary changes but later learned that mere acknowledgment wasn’t enough to prevent them from resurfacing.

Hustle Culture’s Recipe for Stress

As life progressed into my mid to late twenties, I found myself caught up in “hustle culture” and the pursuit of being a “girl boss”. It was so bad that up until about a year ago, I had a “hustle, grind, execute” sign above my desk. Girl, what was I thinking?! Working in advertising, an industry notorious for its “fast-paced environment” (if you see this in a job description, run), only exacerbated my stress levels. It wasn’t until recently that I realized stress’s toll on my body and mind. Though some stress is normal and necessary, stress is also a dirty mother shut your mouth. Despite my “chill” demeanor and efforts to stay healthy, little by little, symptoms began to resurface tenfold, manifesting in physical symptoms like fatigue, acne, weight gain, brain fog, inflammation, and digestive problems. When that bloodwork came back, I knew I had to get this under control. I just wanted to feel like myself again.

Finding My Identity Outside of Work

A turning point came when I heard my “SHEro”, and one of the most notable Black CMOs, speak candidly about the emptiness of relentless ambition without finding fulfillment beyond work. Her words hit me. This prompted a realization: I need to find my identity outside of work. I need to pour into me more. I need to redefine success on my own terms. Right then and there, I decided to embark on a journey of rediscovery, self-care, and slowing down.

This journey led me to reevaluate my aspirations. I’ve thought a lot about what I would do if money were no object and what my life was like when I was at my healthiest. I thought about things that bring me joy, like a perfectly semi-sweet, iced vanilla latte on a slow, sunny morning. I would love to bring joy to others like that. I think about how “maybe if some of my relatives knew what I did about wellness, we wouldn’t have Diabetes, hypertension, and the like plaguing our family (or would still be alive)”. I would love to help people like that.

Reevaluate, Reflect & Restore

Now, whatever bag I’m chasing is for the sole purpose of building a future where joy, purpose, and mental wellness take precedence: To get me to that poppin’ portfolio to be financially independent. Get me to that big house for my family. Get me to running that little coffee shop. Get me resources to educate Black people about health and wellness. Get me to feel like ME.

In the midst of Mental Health Awareness Month, I share my story not as a finished narrative but as a testament to my ongoing journey toward embracing self-care, self-love, and resilience. May we all find the courage to prioritize our mental health and pursue paths that lead to true fulfillment and inner peace. And no job or client could replace that.


Tanisha Mickel

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