Move with Purpose

You won’t ever miss God’s timing. Do you believe that?

God is not in a rush. As long as you are connected to Him, you will be on time.

Yes, when it comes to your goals and your dreams, move with purpose, but be anxious for nothing.

There is a balance between rushing and actually moving intently. Sometimes, we feel under so much pressure to hit certain marks that we may need to stop, pause, and look around. Is anyone even pressing us? Oftentimes, the pressure is internal. 

We can set imaginary deadlines and push ourselves to arrive prematurely at a particular destination. And then if we don’t hit those marks what happens? How do we feel?

I’ve had to remind myself to take my time. If God is not rushing, then let’s follow His lead. Certain goals may take more research, development, strategy, support, time, and, of course, grace. Discernment will let us know when we are doing too much or moving too quickly. And we aren’t just moving to move, but we are moving with purpose. 

It’s important to take inventory of the self-talk and ensure we speak life over our situations. Remember, our Heavenly Father is a provider. We just need to seek Him and trust in His provisions. This is your reminder to look up, stay motivated by discernment, and take your time. In the words of Eric Thomas, “Don’t rush the process, trust the process.”

Remember where your help comes from.

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