Document the Process

Something I really cherish is the ability to look back on stacks of journals that hold some of my deepest prayers. Journaling captures my thoughts and emotions during quiet times. I definitely leaned into journaling while I was building my business. Even going back over old blogs and YouTube videos, I can see my different seasons, from being sick to healthy. At any moment, I can revisit and flip through the pages, scenes, and seasons of my process. 

They often say, “The proof is in the pudding,” but my proof is in these pages.

It’s a beautiful thing to document where you are, express where you want to go, and then admire how far you’ve come.

Some of the most beautiful moments have happened when I was becoming

Like, I wasn’t who I used to be, but I also wasn’t who I wanted to be yet. I was caught in the in-between, the thick of it. That place is really where you learn the most about yourself. That place needs to be celebrated, and your process deserves to be documented. 

You can see your patterns when you document. I can see what happens when I get overwhelmed because I wrote it down. I can see what happens when I am in a state of flow because I wrote it down.

If you have been journaling, I’d love to know if it has made a difference. Do you ever look over old journal entries and recognize your patterns?

Even if it may feel insignificant, I encourage you to document your process, story, and journey. Some of these pages are just meant for your eyes only and will never see the light of day. Journaling is an investment in yourself and the future YOU may be grateful to look back on those prayers, thoughts, and moments to glean and celebrate.

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