Your Future Looks Amazing

This is a quick reminder of something that I share in my workshops: you can pivot in life whenever you want to. 

I really mean that. 

You don’t have to let others put you in a box. And if you’re the one putting yourself in a box, you have the power to break out. Last week, I shared how much things can change if you just have a little faith. I believe that with my whole heart, but not just for me. I believe it for you, too.

Two years ago, I had autoimmune issues that had me on the couch in pain. I was a full-time business owner running a marketing agency. I wasn’t in school. Today, I feel amazing in my body, have a parallel career working full-time at Shondaland and part-time in my agency, and I’m in a PhD program. 

It can change that quickly, but only if you want it to.

Everything won’t be pretty as you navigate these pivots, but some changes are deeply necessary for you to walk in who you’ve always been called to be. And if you need some strength along the way, here are some of the gems that I tell myself and my workshop attendees who are pivoting from one season to the next: 

Repeat The Gems

  • Everything I need, I already have.
  • I am never stuck.
  • I have a village that supports me.
  • My future looks amazing.
  • I am disciplined.
  • I am self aware.

Screenshot or print these out and say them when you need them. When we are approaching change, it is important to go at it with an open mind, moxie, and grace. This allows us to embrace new opportunities, adapt to challenges, and become our next best selves. I’m rooting for you.

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